The Internal Athlete™ is the creation of Sam Moor and Antonia Stringer who currently reside with their family deep within the South Downs National Park, UK. With over 40 years combined teaching/training experience they are passionate about sharing the profound benefits that come from proper body-mind training. Amidst the wide sea of confused, modern ‘quick fix’ fitness fads and watered down Eastern traditions, Sam and Antonia’s retreats and workshops offer an island of refuge where you can relax deeply and build real body-mind skills via authentic Tai Chi (Taijiquan), Qigong, Matwork and Meditation.

Sam Growing up in the back streets of Essex was a risky business; I started serious training when I was 16 years old brutalising myself via traditional methods of fitness: Boxing/Kick-Boxing, running, weight training, swimming and calisthenics.

Since I discovered Internal Martial Arts at the age of 20, my understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of the human body and mind, and how they can be trained with optimal effect, has evolved drastically. Over the last 25 years I have trained extensively in Taijiquan, Yiquan, Neigong, Qigong and Meditation in China, Europe and UK

I am instructor certified by the Chinese Internal Arts Association, the Chen Xiao Wang World Taijiquan Association and am an associate instructor for the Chen Bing Taiji Academy. I have Ba(hons) in Philosophy and diplomas in bodywork, anatomy and physiology. Outside of teaching, I love training IMA and meditation. I also like to spend my time immersed in nature, fishing, cooking, walking, hanging out with Antonia, family and friends, playing guitar with the boys in the band Black Gamma and rescuing worms stuck on pavements…

Antonia Having broken multiple bones, and following a number of surgeries, my already poor posture deteriorated, so that by the age of 30 I had a limp, a noticeable scoliosis and a frozen shoulder.  
I was stiff and in pain. 

It was at this point I stumbled across Pilates, the practice of which has far exceeded my expectations. Progressively working to balance symmetry, strength, suppleness and sensitivity, I have developed confidence in my ability to positively affect my own physical and mental health and function free of chronic injury and pain. 

Since completing my initial teacher training with Body Control Pilates® I have gained Matwork Master Teacher and specialist BackCare qualifications and enjoy my role as a supervising teacher for Body Control Pilates®. I have trained in a number of other movement modalities; with a view to combining ancient wisdom and modern understanding. A life long horse rider I have an MSc in Applied Equine Science. Outside of teaching I enjoy spending time with my children, hiking, poi spinning and training with my partner Sam.

The key skills you can learn with Antonia are body development & body skill, Pilates and matwork skills, Poi spinning, mental development and meditation. See Antonia’s local schedule at: Antonia Stringer